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Create more space in your home. For you to relax. To work. Or entertain in. Get reliable support for high-quality custom garage conversions.

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Breathe new life into this underused part of your property. You can do anything with your new garage space. A kids room. A new bedroom. An office space. A workout or dance studio. Once you’ve decided the goal of your garage conversion in Wimbledon, let us know. You will get everything you need to make it happen with zero stress. All workmanship and supplies. Constant monitoring by your personal project manager. It’s the best way to get the most out of your garage. Adding value and additional space to your property.

Most properties have a garage that is appropriate for conversion. Share your plans for style and characteristics with us. Get expert technicians to help you make changes. And an onsite survey which can include any free advice you might need

Combine all of the builders services you need to transform your garage. Electrical work. Plumbing. And much more. Feel free to discuss all of the requirements and features you need to be included. Imagine Builders Wimbledon gives you the best value for money when you get everything done at the same time.

The teams which complete all of our garage conversions in Wimbledon are made up of specially trained craftsmen. They have all the knowledge required and use the latest methods and materials to ensure you always get the finest standard of workmanship. Which is, of course, backed up by full insurance cover and a quality guarantee.

You will have a personal project manager who will co-ordinate and follow the entire process on your behalf. Providing information on how your work is proceeding at your request.

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Contact Imagine Builders Wimbledon on 020 3026 2759. Chat with our phone support team at any time, Monday to Friday.

The adviser you speak to will be happy to provide you with any information you require. And to secure the most convenient booking slot for you.

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The team was professional, reliable and very friendly. Spot on water damage restoration about my house. Great!

I recommend your company, because all the services I’ve purchased are top-class and the guys are really amazing.

Great work guys. After you refurbished my kitchen everything is in place and looks outstanding.

Responsive and fast professionals. They performed all the carpentry work on schedule. I am very happy of the results.

The best painting and decorating service and perfect experience. My home looks fabulous. Thank you!

Excellent phone support and perfect service. Quick and stable installation of all the floors at my new house.

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